November 2020

My love for photography goes way back. As a kid I used to cut out images from magazines and and put them on my wall or in my binder with all sorts of paper clippings. At first I thought it was just about what was in the photograph, for examble a beautiful dress (love for fashion), or person (love for certain celebs) or cute animal (love for beasties). But in hindsight I realised it was also my love for a beautiful image.

I started out talking photo’s on holidays with disposible camera’s, but at some point my parents got me a Canon compact camera (for film, this was the nineties), and I took a lot of photo’s with that before getting my first digital camera for my graduation in 2004. I’m not claming I always knew I wanted to become a photographer, it took a while before I really found my path and got into my groove at art school around 2008. But I always enjoyed taking pictures, wheter it be of things in nature, myself or friends in home-based fashion shoots and later just when we were out and about.

My first try at Art school in Maastricht didn’t go well at all, things didn’t really click, it felt like I was more in a struggle than a in any sort of creative flow. It wasn’t until I started studying at St. Joost in Breda that I felt things come together, and I realised that everything that I was experiencing in life and internally, I could pour into my work. By graduation it was clear that my favourite subjects were nature and human relationships with oneself and others. Most of the work I made back then was a combination of these themes. In more or less staged forms.

Now that almost ten years have past since my graduation, I have found myself taking a lot less photographs. I feel like I have been quieting down to see what really still feels like me. I am planning to dive into my analogue and digital photo archives to revisit all the photographs I’ve taken. But this is a daunting task since it is close to two decades of work. However I am very excited to see what forgotten photo’s I will come across and also looking forward to finally deleting a lot of files as well. As with everything in my life, I strive to create room to breathe, so that I can enjoy the things that are really dear to me, and let go of whatever no longer fills me with joy.

So in conclusion, the photo section of this website (as well as the other sections) will probably be changing a lot in the coming months (or year?!). But I hope you will enjoy all that you will be able to see and if you have any questions about my work, or just want to leave a comment, please feel free to email me at

Thank you :)



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