Natural Ambivalence

Natural Ambivalence is a collection of works I made inspired by – and going through – different emotional aspects of life. Love and hate, vulnerability and strength, darkness and light, solitude, grief and fear. Inspired by personal experiences and those of loved ones around me, I try to better understand these feelings by exploring them in my photographs. During this search, I discovered that the dualities I encounter in life, are also reflected in the natural landscape. I strive to capture both and to reveal their beauty.


Untitled #0, 2010

The Sweet, 2010 / The Sour, 2010

When Nobody Touches You, You Die, 2010

Untitled #2, 2010

Untitled #6, 2011

The Firecracker, 2011

Untitled #7, 2011 / Dhanu D’or, 2010

Untitled #8, 2011

The Road, 2010 / Untitled #9, 2011

Honouring Frida Kahlo, 2011

Untitled #1, 2010 / Untitled #3, 2011

Into Her Own, 2011

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