Nouvelles Routes Jewellery

Nouvelles Routes Jewellery is a new project of mine which originated out of love for creative expression, unique jewellery, sustainability and improvisation. To make my first necklaces, I used my own old necklaces and beads. I really enjoyed making something unique with my own two hands, with the limited materials at hand. A while later I went to France to do volunteer work and I got to go to all these great markets to look for second hand jewellery, with which I made necklaces for the people I met on my travels. Once I got back home, I kept doing this and I that’s how I recently finished my first collection of necklaces.

‘Nouvelles Routes’ means ‘new roads’ and symbolises the new destinations of the repurposed beads. It also symbolises the new creative paths I am taking, alongside of my work as a photographer. You can check out my first collection called ’42’ on the Nouvelles Routes Jewellery Facebook Page – just click here.

If you have any questions or you would like to order a “Nouvelles Routes’ necklace – or have one custom made – please feel free to contact me by phone or email: | +31 6 13 84 35 02

Scroll down to see a small selection from the ’42’ collection.


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